Vehicle Tracker and Fleet Management System

Are you finding it challenging to keep the costs low for your fleet management? Then Smarttrac is all you need. We are experts in providing you with accurate vehicle tracking solutions. Our tailor-made telematics vehicle tracker solution makes it a breeze to track down cars and other vehicles. You can save on fuel costs and be efficient with your money by limiting the speed of vehicles. The live car tracking system shows accurate details on who’s speeding and where.

Smarttrac helps you worry less about the operating costs and risks associated by efficiently managing your fleet. Our smart fleet management solutions help tackle the expensive business challenges faced by the customers. The accurate location provided by the GPS keeps you on track with the place and time of all vehicles in all weather conditions. This asset tracking makes fleet management a breeze

Smart Life
Installation fee of R1800
Realtime Live tracking
Insurance Approved
Smart Business
Installation fee of R899
Realtime Live Tracking
Detailed reports
History replay
Tamper Alert
Insurance Approved
Smart Elite
Installation fee of R499
Realtime Live Tracking
Detailed reports
History replay
Tamper Alert
Insurance Approved

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We focus on giving expert vehicle tracking advice and learning more about your needs. SmartTrac can be used as a full function fleet management tool at an affordable price.

Customers come to Smarttrac when they are tired of high fleet operating costs, worried about exposure to risk on the roads, and have inefficiencies that waste time and money. No challenge is quite the same, so we partner with our customers to provide tailor-made telematic solutions for vehicle tracking. Our smart vehicle tracker tackle our customers with costly business challenges.



SmartTrac can be used as a personal all in one vehicle tracking and a full function car tracker, fleet management tool at an affordable price.

Reduce Costs

Reduce fuel cost and save money by limiting speeding, speeding wastes fuel. Live GPS tracking shows you who is speeding and where.– – – – – ———————

Accurate Location Recovery

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the satellite navigation system that provides location and time data in all weather conditions.

Insurance Approved

Our tracking system places real-time vehicle location data at your fingertips. Through our interface, you can quickly login directly into the location and direction of each vehicle.

Premium Service

Although our vehicle tracking devices are affordable, we have not discounted on quality and service. Our service model is of the highest standard.

Simply Download

Our easy to use app has all the features that you need in a premium solution. Just download and use.
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User Friendly

Our user-friendly interfaces on both the web application and smartphone app allow for a start and go experience.
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``Professionals in the Car Tracking Game! All their services are great, save on time and money.``

``The best car tracking company by far! I’ve received speedy service from the start, and it’s great value for money. I feel and secure with SmartTrac``

It is the most suitable solution to track and trace loved ones including children, pensioners, security personnel and any movable asset in real-time.



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