features of smart vehicle tracking

Reduce Costs

Reduce fuel cost and save money by limiting speeding, speeding wastes fuel. Live GPS tracking shows you who is speeding and where.– – – – – ———————

Accurate Location Recovery

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the satellite navigation system that provides location and time data in all weather conditions.

Insurance Approved

Our tracking system places real-time vehicle location data at your fingertips. Through our interface, you can quickly login directly into the location and direction of each vehicle.

Premium Service

Although our vehicle tracking devices are affordable, we have not discounted on quality and service. Our service model is of the highest standard.

Simply Download

Our easy to use app has all the features that you need in a premium solution. Just download and use.
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User Friendly

Our user-friendly interfaces on both the web application and smartphone app allow for a start and go experience.
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